“Am not after individual awards” Ronaldo speaks out

Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo demands “it’s not my fixation” to win singular honors, and expects “truth will turn out” on assault charges.

The Portuguese hotshot was said to be enraged that he didn’t win UEFA’s player of the year, and he didn’t go to FIFA’s The Best honors.

Some have even proposed he feels there’s a plan against him in the wake of leaving Real Madrid.

“It’s not my fixation to win singular honors,” Ronaldo demanded, talking in the Press gathering in front of the Manchester United diversion tomorrow.

“I have to focus on Juve. It’s been an incredible time, everything is going great and the group is phenomenal.

“Winning individual honors isn’t a fixation. It helps, however it’s not all that matters.

“I won’t make correlations [to Real Madrid], I’m happy to play here and I was glad to play at Manchester United and Real. I see myself a happy and fortunate man.

“I’m adjusting to Italian football. It’s extraordinary, yet I’m having a ton of fun. My colleagues are helping me and I’m exceptionally glad to play for this fabulous club.

“On and off the pitch I generally happy. I’m cheerful, I feel like a fortunate man. I’m playing for an awesome club, I have an incredible family, four youngsters and my health. I have everything.

“The rest doesn’t bother me.”

Nevada police have re-opened an examination concerning a supposed assault in 2009, and CR7 was gotten some information about those claims.

“You’re not tuning in. I’m a glad, a happy man. We issued an announcement two or three weeks prior. I’m not here to tell lies, I feel positive about my attorneys.

“I’m having a fabulous time playing football, I’m getting a charge out of life and I have individuals who deal with these things. Truth will come out.”

The striker is extremely acquainted with Old Trafford, having made his leap forward at Manchester United.

“It will be a troublesome game, United have an incredible team,” Ronaldo said.

“They are at home, however we’re Juventus. In the event that we play well, and we play the manner in which the Coach needs us to play, we can win this game.

“Obviously we need to regard Manchester United, they have an incredible group and a fabulous Coach [Jose Mourinho].

“So, I anticipate that Juventus will win. Returning to Manchester is in every case extremely passionate for me.”

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