FiFa to turn Word cup to every two years

CONMEBOL have advanced a proposition to Fifa contending that the World Cup should happen every two years instead of four, president Alejandro Dominguez Wilson-Smith has affirmed.

While there have been talks about growing the Uefa Nations League to South American nations, and the last are available to that, the alliance boss has put on the table an elective proposal that the World Cup changes its cycle.

It was a thought recently raised by previous Fifa president Sepp Blatter, just to be rejected at the time, however Dominguez contends that the change would bode well both monetarily for the amusement and as far as players’ professions, as they would have more chances to show up in the game’s incredible show-stopper.

The proposition was tabled at the Fifa congress in Kigali a month ago.

“I generally say we need to cooperate and never say ‘no’, I generally say ‘why not?'” Dominguez said in a meeting in front of Saturday’s Copa Libertadores last in Buenos Aires. “By saying that, we generally will bolster a thought that way, or a proposition like we have done to Fifa, to do the World Cup at regular intervals and only one out of every odd four.

“Rather than having a Nations League in the middle of, we can simply proceed each year and complete a World Cup that is for everybody, for the players in light of the fact that right now in some cases they could play four World Cups on the off chance that we move to a two-year cycle. On the off chance that we remain with this arrangement, numerous players couldn’t play more than two.

“So we see an open door there and there is a proposition advanced to Fifa to take it over and say whether it is a worldwide Nations League or is there a chance to play World Cup at regular intervals. I would state there are numerous different arrangements, we can move to Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America (without such a long pause). As far as financial matters, I would state Fifa could profit, to give more cash.”

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