I train because i have to, but CR7 trains because he love to – Ronaldo Nazario

Despite the fact that they share a name, Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t be progressively unique regarding their methodology, the Brazilian has asserted.

Indeed, one of the significant things that separates them is their way to deal with traning and keeping it.

“We are diverse as far as our situation on the field and our method for translating the game, regardless of whether Cristiano does now play in an increasingly focal position,” Ronaldo told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“He has an alternate method for moving toward the goal concerning how I did, regardless of whether our goal was the equivalent.

“I think we are possibly equivalent in our craving to score goals yet it is no incident that Cristiano has come to 33 years old in this sort of frame.

“There are so couple of players who deal with their body as he does and still wants to move forward.

“I’m not saying the manner in which we approach preparing is direct inverse however it is absolutely extraordinary.

“I prepared in light of the fact that I needed to, he does it since he loves it.”

The previous Real Madrid forward likewise demanded that given the distinctive periods the combine contended in, they just can’t be thought about, while additionally recognizing that World Cup exhibitions in a Ballon d’Or year have an enormous influence in deciding the outcome.

“We are nine years separated yet the years in which we played are altogether different,” clarified the previous Brazil international.

“I would prefer not to state that the time I played in was progressively troublesome yet we confronted diverse circumstances with various groups.

“As far as the Ballon d’Or, we the players made it unmistakable and everybody knows it, it is a prize that is dictated by the outcomes.

“In the World Cup, Luka Modric and Croatia had a superior competition than Portugal and Cristiano did.”

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