Mourinho reject speculations to return to Benfica

Jose Mourinho says he won’t assume responsibility of Benfica as he has no aim of coming back to Portugal’s Primeira Liga.

Mourinho was sacked by Manchester United a month ago, the Premier League goliaths since winning each of the five matches under supervisor Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

After Benfica sacked Rui Vitoria, president Luis Filipe Vieira proposed Mourinho, who began his administrative vocation with a short stretch at the club, was a best target.

“I am his companion. Who might not want to have Mourinho? [But] I have not conversed with him,” Vieira was cited as saying by Portuguese supporter SIC.

“On the off chance that he says yes tomorrow, he’ll be here without a moment’s notice. Cash is no issue for Benfica.”

In any case, addressing Correio da Manha, previous Porto supervisor Mourinho rejected the proposal he could be enticed back to the Primeira Liga.

“I don’t care for encouraging news stories, yet I have no goal of working in Portugal,” he said on Thursday.

“The most ideal approach to regard an incredible club [Benfica] and an extraordinary president is to state that I was not drawn nearer.”

Mourinho has likewise been connected with an arrival to previous clubs Inter and Real Madrid, having recently had two spells at Chelsea.

Be that as it may, the 55-year-old demanded he won’t give any more reports on his future to the media.

“It’s a gigantic respect when you come back to a club where you’ve been,” he said. “Be that as it may, I’m conversing with you and I won’t converse with any other person.

“I’m not preparing, I adore that I am not discussed constantly and the most ideal approach to guarantee that remaining parts the case is for me to not talk either.”

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