Ronaldo’s lawyer sees rape case as complete fabrication

The German magazine was the first to break the tale of model Kathryn Mayorga’s charges and claims the 2009 non-divulgence understanding was invalid.

She marked a $375,000 settlement not to make her cases open, but rather Juventus star Ronaldo’s legal advisor Peter Christiansen discharged an announcement following the production of archives Der Spiegel says were a piece of the arrangement.

“Cristiano Ronaldo passionately denies every one of the allegations in this common activity, in consistency with what he has done over the most recent 9 years,” the announcement read.

“The records that supposedly contain articulations by Mr. Ronaldo and were repeated in the media are unadulterated innovations.

“By 2015, many elements (counting law offices) in various parts of Europe were assaulted and their electronic information stolen by a digital criminal.

“This programmer attempted to offer such data, and a media outlet unreliably wound up distributing a portion of the stolen records, noteworthy parts of which were changed and/or totally manufactured.

“By and by, for the evasion of uncertainty, Cristiano Ronaldo’s position has dependably been, and keeps on being, that what occurred in 2009 in Las Vegas was totally consensual.”

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