We Stand by what we report; Der Spiegel respond to Ronaldo’s Lawyer

Las Vegas police have re-opened the 2009 investigation concerning assault claims made by model Kathryn Mayorga, who consented to a non-divulgence arrangement with Ronaldo that equivalent year.

The solid explanation from legal advisor Peter Christiansen yesterday guaranteed that “the records that purportedly contain proclamations by Mr Ronaldo and were imitated in the media had false creations,” in light of unique documents stolen by digital programmers and “adjusted or totally fabricated ” before being sold on to the media.

Tonight, Der Spiegel by means of correspondent Christoph Winterbach gave their own reaction through Twitter.

“We’ve seen this previously. The announcement exhibits the typical way that Mr. Ronaldo and his legal counselors have taken in the past when unsuccessfully battling our investigative work.

“Our story is precisely inquired about. We have several records from various sources that substantiate our detailing. We have no motivation to trust that those reports are not legitimate.

“Moreover, as dependably and before distributing each and every article in DER SPIEGEL, we have carefully actuality checked our data and had it lawfully evaluated. We are consequently sure with the sources that we construct our story in light of. We stand with our reports.

“CR7’s new legal advisor, Mr. Christiansen, composes that a portion of the records were “false creations”. This comes 2 weeks after we distributed! While continually denying the assault allegations, this is the first occasion when that Ronaldo’s side are really invalidating actualities of this ongoing article.

“Questioning our archives is by all accounts their favored procedure: When we distributed an article about the settlement understanding among Mayorga and Ronaldo in 2017, his guides previously called it “journalistic fiction”. Presently, Cristiano concedes that he consented to that settlement.

“When we revealed about Mr. Ronaldo’s tax  Freud, his attorneys previously asserted that the data from our records were “problematic”. CR7 denied that he had submitted any duty extortion. Be that as it may, at this point, he conceded his blame and paid cash back to the Spanish state.

“Prior to distributing our anecdote about the assault allegations, we gave Mr. Ronaldo and his legal advisors the chance to react to the charges. They could have questioned the realities that we exhibited to them. They didn’t do that.

“Rather, they had a media legal counselor debilitate us. He guaranteed that we encroached Ronaldo’s own rights and reported that he would sue us in the event that we proceeded with production. Up until this point, we have not gotten anything in such manner. We will keep on covering the story.

“Just Mayorga and Ronaldo know reality about the episode. It’s not our business to pass judgment, we just report. We recount the two sides of the story. The mindful experts will decide the accompanying advances. Up until now, obviously the assumption of guiltlessness applies to Ronaldo.”

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