Why Bernardeschi prefers Ronaldo to Messi

The Portuguese whiz joined the Bianconeri in a €100m bargain from Real Madrid this mid year, turning into the most generously compensated player in Serie A history.

“We as a whole know Ronaldo the player and by and by I’ve constantly thought of him as the best on the planet,” Bernardeschi told Tuttosport.

“I’ve constantly favored him to Messi. What I’ve found is that he’s an outstanding individual, an unassuming fellow with exceptional identity which he transmits to everybody. It’s irresistible. It’s in such manner that I’ve constantly favored him to Messi.

“I recall the last of the European Championships when he needed to go off harmed in the principal half, yet on the seat he was an additional mentor.

“Juve was at that point an uncommon club as far as a triumphant mindset, with nothing to gain from anybody, however the entry of Cristiano brought something more.

“Simply think adjoin his red card against Valencia: the reality he’s won five Champions Leagues and five Ballons d’Or and cried on the grounds that he was sent off reveals to you a great deal about his enthusiasm.

“I headed toward him to instruct him to be quiet, since he’s the best on the planet and I would not like to see him cry. He didn’t merited it since it truly was an uncalled for red card.

“Having Ronaldo close is a case for the youths, even at an extraordinary club like Juve. You must be keen, you’re preparing with the best player on the planet and in case you’re sufficiently fortunate to do that you have to attempt and take a couple of things.

“It resembles riding a wave, he has helped me and still is. He’s a model to pursue, clearly remaining firm on your identity and destinations.

“I think Real Madrid have lost a considerable measure, when the best on the planet abandons you feel it. I think he merits the Ballon d’Or, he additionally shone at the World Cup. He scored a cap trap against Spain and not every person can do that.

“[Luka] Modric is a boss, however in the event that I need to pass judgment on an individual honor at that point, as I would like to think, Cristiano had the effect in all things, likewise on a human level.

“He’s a stage over the others, in the course of recent years he and Messi have been superior to the point that there’s no challenge. When they resign another person can win.”

Apparently, at that point, everybody needs Ronaldo on their group for preparing recreations?

“It’s in reality better to have [Giorgio] Chiellini…”

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